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Vision and Mission - Describes the vision of the real objectives and mission of the company:

Our goal:

Healthier life better with our commitment to high quality, making the company one of the leading companies in the domestic and international market, God willing, that arise in order to work together with customers to provide all that is needed from the patient's excellent health care services.

We aim to achieve the company's leadership in the production of high quality and the provision of medicines for people and according to the international standard specifications in all from the local and international levels and to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost, which returns to the customer and community satisfaction and meets the needs of the customers full, and also aims to become a leading company in the production of medicines and the most famous in the Middle East.

The company trains its staff to use the latest advanced technology, and therefore the company has gained customer satisfaction by providing high quality services in the field of pharmaceutical, which require efficient and effective.

Our Mission:

The Future Pharmaceutical Company is a system that pays much attention to customer service as customer satisfaction is one of the most important priorities. We dedicate ourselves to deliver therapy, which improves the health of the individual.

Customer Service is an important administrative process and is a great part of the strategy for marketing. It is known that marketing strategies determine how to achieve the goals of shopping.

By being excellent in serving the company's customers, meeting their needs and desires and fulfilling their aspirations and expectations efficiently and effectively through developed thinking we can achieve our prospects for the future.

We are committed to providing high quality products in the field of health care to our clients and consider them as the corner stone and purpose of our business.

At the same time we aim at increasing the size of the company's sales and marketing share with stable and growing profitability aiming at increasing total sales and maximize return on investment and therefore more advantages to our customers.

Our customers are in a continuous increase every day because of our policy which the company has to expand vertically and horizontally as well as our total care to keep on increasing better standards of public services.

We only believe in the development of services to our customers, who are mostly sick and seeking a high level of care and health services in addition to easing their pains and making their lives better is the key to our success.

Our Core Values:

Transparency: We are honest with our clients we examine the needs of the market with precision in order to meet all their customers' needs, provide the highest levels of quality for the company's services in the field of customer service.

Integrity: We have a high level of ethics and integrity in the precious everything we do from work, promote the principles and work ethic among employees of the company.

Quality: We have a passion for excellence quality products and services in every aspect of our business, innovation and new features are constantly creating value customers and employees through team work at the company.

Respect: We have a good feeling of pride and a high respect for all employees and acquisition attract top talent and maintain continuity.

Teamwork: We encourage cooperation and advice and promote the spirit of teamwork, the employees of the company are familiar with the policy of total commitment to quality which will reflect the spirit necessarily about what they are doing business.