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Adel Abdelghani
Mr. Adel Abdel Ghani
Chairman's word:

It is known that earnest investment must be based on stable scientific base of various studies (marketing, finance and economic development), and free economic activity and support safe medication with a high quality and ensure a brighter future for young people in Egypt is a key role for us and a big responsibility rests with the company.

We are fully aware of that and we make great efforts to be in a position that allows us to live up to that responsibility, always strive to achieve our goals, which is the integrity and honesty, responsibility and real and full respect for the rules and ethics of the profession and that create fair competition in the market, because we want to be distinct to provide high quality service level, in order to have the confidence of customers.

The customer satisfaction is a priority for our company, and that the various sectors and units of the company covers the full range of services, and work hard to ensure that the customer always has the best available services and high-value products.

The direct investment which is associated with the production of the best methods of investing in developing countries, is working to increase the production of consumer and bridging the gap in the market and create new jobs and a healthy environment for young people where they can grow the business and improve the economic situation, medicine of the most important elements of life and an important element indispensable in all stages of human that passes by in his life, thus it contributes to easing the pain for members of the community, and is one of the basic components of human life better.

Our Company, The Future pharmaceutical company, began its activities in medicines in 2003, Thanks to God, our work has been developing a lot, there is no doubt that the services provided by the company to our customers and clients has created kind of customer support and mutual trust, which relies heavily on advanced logistics solutions supported by advanced information technology.

Challenges that correspond to manufacture and market the drug in Egypt, is dealing with reliable sources in terms of commitment to the required quality standards and good reputation, which adds many burdens on the company's management in the selection of the best companies in the field of supply of raw materials and production lines for the manufacture of the drug at the local level and in terms of foreign high-quality, with the need to comply with the industry's assets and the Secretariat in this area, the interests of the company's management to clients both the distributor and the consumer is the final quality follow-up with the latest cutting-edge scientific methods, in addition to the work of chemical analysis products on a regular basis, so as to ensure validation percentages stipulated in accordance with the required standards and specifications.