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Conditions of sale and payment - to deal with our company:

Conditions of sale and payment:
  • Signature of the client or seal the bill is considered the goods regularly final of the goods and the company is not responsible for any deficit is reported after receipt.
  • Is not out of the invoice payment and document the customer to obtain a formal payment receipt from the company.
  • Returns are not accepted after valid 48 hours of receipt from the company.
  • Accept returns of lotions expired during the three months following the date of completion maximum.In the period from day 1 to day 10 of each month. According to the company's stated policy, and deducted the value of the claim procurement month Flashback.
  • Does not accept returns of lotions that preserve the fridge after receiving them.
  • Returns are not accepted expired imported lotions.
  • The company offers bonus segments, as well as additional offers in accordance with the policies of producing companies, which change monthly.
  • No cash discount is calculated on some lotions according to the company's stated policy.
  • Discount cash, credit and data periods are as follows:

Discount slices Total purchases during the month Cash discount Period credit
First Less than 1000 pounds 0.00 % 00 Days
Second From 1001 to 5000 pounds 3.00 % 75 Days
Third From 5001 to 10000 pounds 3.50 % 80 Days
Fourth From 10001 to 20000 pounds 3.75 % 85 Days
Fifth From 20001 to 30000 pounds 4.00 % 90 Days
Sixth From 30001 to 40000 pounds 4.25 % 95 Days
Seventh Greater than 40001 pounds 4.50 % 100 Days
Eighth Imported goods 2.00 % 30 Days
Its history Cheques:

Segments of the cash discount shall apply to repay its history checks imported to the branch until the day (3) of the next month after the addition of the bank's commission.
Less than the cash discount rate (1/2%) on its history, which Cheques supplied to the day after the branch (3) of the next month.

Its Cheques on credit:

A fine of collection (3%) in addition to the bank charges in the case of a rebound Cheque.

Payment Methods:

Cash: Payment with the receipt of the order to the company's representative.

Cheque: Payment with the receipt of the order to the company's representative, you must be a client of the company.

Visa Card: Payment at the request of the order before sending the goods.